3 places from Ahmedabad (Gujarat) within Drivable distance

  1. Sasan Gir : Distance 368 Kms
Sasan Gir National Park
Gir National Park reception area

Gir Forest National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat. It is home for 523 Asiatic Lions. Among other animals are the Leoperds , Antilopes , spotted deer , peacocks , vultures , Jackal , Hyena , Indian fox etc.

Lioness Gir , safari
Lioness at Gir
Spotted Deer
Spotted Deer at Gir

Gir Jungle trail is the most amazing thing I have done this year…watching wildlife in their natural habitat is wonderful. The best time for Safari is early morning as you can spot more Lions.

Sasan Gir
wandering in the woods

Stay: we stayed at Saavaj Resort which is approx. 4 kms from the Safari Point.This is a beautiful property , serene in the lapse of nature with all the modern facilities . will write about the property in my next post.

Saavaj resort Sasan gir
Saavaj Resort

Important points to consider before going for the safari:

  • Gir Jungle Trail remains closed from 16th June to 15th Oct every year.
  • Gir Jungle Trail Timings: 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM; 8:30 to 11:30 AM; 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • 100% of Permits of Gir Jungle Trail are available for online advance booking. On the spot booking is not available. So Visitor need to secure advance booking in order to avoid any disappointment.
  • Only Gir Jungle Trail E-Permits are refundable.
  • ID proof Detail needs to be submitted very carefully. ID proof numbers you submit for Safari Booking are verified with the original ID proofs while boarding the safari. Boarding will not be possible if found any discrepancy.
  • No ID proofs are accepted other than mentioned in the Booking Form.
  • Original ID proofs are compulsory to show while boarding safari. Visitors are requested to submit ID proofs which they can present during Safari boarding verification.
  • Charge includes Jeep Charges, Driver & Guide Charges, Permit Charges, Pick-up & Drop charges from SasanGir Reception Center& service charges. Only Camera Fees is not included in the amount you will pay here.

2. Somnath Temple: Distance 40 kms from Sasan Gir

Somnath Temple Gujarat
Somnath Temple (Gujarat ) Picture Source : Google

Somnath Temple is located on the western coast of Gujarat. It is considered as first among 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva. It is an important Pilgrimage site for Hindus and attracts lot of tourist. View from the temple is mesmerizing as you look over the blue waters of Arabian Sea.

3. Diu: Distance 80 kms from Somnath Temple.

Diu, beach
Beach near Dinosaur Park at Diu

Diu Island is an island off the Southern coast of Gujarat’s Kathiawar peninsula, separated from the mainland by a tidal creek. Breathtaking beaches, old forts & beautiful churches …if all that you need …then be there . You can read more about the places to visit here: https://aswetravelwithlaxmi.com/2018/09/15/unplanned-trip-to-the-beautiful-island-diu

Dinosaur park diu
Dinosaur Park at Diu

How to reach Ahmedabad:

By Air:

From Chandigarh GoAir has started direct flight once in a day , it takes 1 hour and 30 mins . Fare Calendar for Jan’18 ranges from INR 3500-9000.

From Delhi many flights are available and it takes around 1 hour 40 mins, Fare Calendar for Jan’18 ranges from INR 1900 -5000

From Mumbai also many flights are available and takes 1 hour 25 mins , Fare Calendar for Jan’18 ranges from INR 1500- 2500.

By Rail:

From Chandigarh there is only one direct train that runs on Wednesday and Sunday CDG BDTS SF EXP( 22452) , it takes 19 hours and 25 mins , fare for 3rd AC : INR 1385.

From Delhi there are many trains on an average takes around 19 hours, average fare for 3rd AC: INR 1300.

From Mumbai there are many trains on an average takes around 7-9 hours, fare for 3rd AC ranges from: INR 600- 1500.

Hope you enjoy…..

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