10 Things you should add to your Bucket List


Why Bucket list is so important? I have been wondering this many a times and YES it is…. all of us want to do things in life which can give us a sense of achievement and make us feel better. Hence the list….

  • Hot Air Balloon ride: It is top on the list ,being close to the sky is the most amazing experience. You can experience the same in 1) Lonavala in Maharashtra 2) west coast Karnataka 3) Taj Mahal agra  4) Jaipur  5) Gurugram 6) Goa
  • Go Tiger Spotting: Tiger is one of the most beautiful creature and will love to see the BIG CAT…though I have seen one in the local zoo but want to spot one in their natural habitat , so it is definitely on my list . Below is the list of few  wildlife reserves where you can spot them: Jim Corbett national park  Uttarakhand , Ranthambore Tigre reserve  Rajasthan , Sunderban Tigre reserve , Bandhavgarh National Park , Sariska Tibre reserve Rajasthan, Panna National Park Madhya Pradesh, Periyar tigre reserve kerala  and many more. There are 50 tigre reserves in India.
  • Visit a Musical Festival: As it is said ……music is medicine to the mind, it heals  ….it inspires. Some of the Music festivals in India : sunburn Goa, Hornbill Nagaland, Ziro Arunachal Pradesh, Jodhpur Riff and more.
  • Climb a Mountain : To conquer a mountain is one big achievement. There are lot of treks you can take in India …to name a few are Chadar trek Ladakh , Roopkund trek Uttrakhand , Hampta Pass Himachal Pradesh and more.
  • Go to Cinema alone: YES alone… try is once it is fun believing me. Rajhans Cinema in Jaipur is on my list.
  • Visit Taj Mahal: One of the wonders in World and in my own country so cannot miss on this. It attracts tourist from all round the globe and is a magnum opus.
  • Underwater activity: Going deep inside the sea to watch the marine life is one of a lifetime experience. Scuba diving can be done in Andamans , Goa , Karnataka & Lakshadweep.
  • Visit an Island: Sometimes we need to unplug and islands are the best way to do it because its not just the network but the beauty that enchants you and lets you unplug totally. To name a few Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep, Diu, Majuli Assam, Elephanta island Mumbai etc..
  • Adventure Sport: Paragliding, bunjee Jumping, river rafting, zip lining are few activities to name and are definitely for your Adrenaline rush.
  • Turtle Hatching: This will make your heart melt, when you see the baby turtles taking their first step. Where you can find this: Velas beach Mumbai , Harihareshwar beach in Maharastra near Khed, Gahimartha beach (Orissa), Rushikulya River ( Orissa) .

If you have tried any of these … reply in the comment below…

Bye for now..

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