Unplanned trip to the Beautiful Island: Diu

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Main road Diu Island

Sometimes my wanderlust soul is thrusting enough to do so ….YES the unplanned journey. I will say is the best quest one can take and once in a life is a must to discover oneself. It is always more adventurous as we are not expecting anything here.

So I just booked the tickets a day before and headed to Vadodra( how to reach details are below).From Vadodra then I took a bus to Ahmadabad , since my bus to Diu was at night , so decided to go around the city a bit . Didn’t new that it was such a wonderful place next time will spend more time here.

I went to the Sabarmati River front and Adalaj Step Well.

Adalaj Stepwell
Adalaj Stepwell, Ahmedabad

Also did some city shopping… cannot miss on that.

An overnight bus from Ahmedabad to Diu. Next morning I reached Diu and by 10 am checked in to my hotel.

First word was WOW… entering the small island …. Passing by the sea side, looking at everyday things….. I was very excited, locals must be thing of me as cuckoo but who cares and it was my first island.

Row boats
Row Boats Parking
Watching the endless sea
Diu bus stand

Places to visit in Diu

  • Naida caves
  • Gangeshwar temple
  • Summer hilltop
Sunset point Diu
Summer Hilltop or the Sunset point
  • Lighthouse
  • Pauls church
  • Diu Fort


  • Jallandhar Beach
  • INS Khukri Memorial



All these places can be covered in a single day.

How to reach:  The easiest way to reach Diu is from Mumbai by air: 1 hour 30 mins flight. Price range: INR 6000- 7000.

From Delhi flights are available but with 1 stop, so the duration of the flight starts from 6 hours to 10 hours: Price Range: INR 6000- 7000.

From Ahmedabad many options available by air, Train or Road. Sleeper buses are available at INR 450-500.

From Chandigarh: By air to Diu or Ahmedabad , from there many options available.

Don’t wait for it…go explore..

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