A Day to Repose at Menri Monastery ( Solan)

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alt="solan"Menri Monastery is a Bon Monastery in Solan and before I start writing about it …. I want to inform that there is a celebration staring this week from 3rd sept will continue the entire week to welcome 34th his Holiness Dawa Dargyal Rinpoche, if you want to witness the Traditional Tibetan celebration…do visit…the Monastery is open to everyone and they welcome with warm hearts. Directions are down below.

Temple in the memory of 33rd his Holiness Menri Trizin

Bon is believed to be the oldest tradition of Tibet .There are five spiritual traditions of Tibet and BON is one of them. Many of us believe that it is all same but it is not , which was explained to me by a monk at the Monastery.


The entire place looks like a piece of Tibet and is the world’s 2nd largest BON Monastery. There are only three Bon Monasteries in India… i.e. in Solan , Dehradun and Sikkim.



I met a very friendly monk there who gave me insight about the religious traditions, history and a lot; also they offered us lunch which made my day.

The colors and beautiful landscapes will just lift your day.


Directions: Taking the Himalayan Expressway – take a right turn from Kumarhatti ( it is 24 kms from there )- then right turn to Ochghat- kalaghat road.

Bye for now…

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