12 Photos you’ll want to take on your road trip to KAZA


Road trips are fascinating and the very thought of it makes me excited. It helps us learn a lot and is life changing.

In my first post ( https://aswetravelwithlaxmi.wordpress.com/2018/07/09/my-first-trip-chandigarh-kaza) I wrote about the route and my experience . Today I will tell you about 12 photos you’ll want to take on your road trip to KAZA from CHANDIGARH.

  • Green Valley or Hassan Valley: It comes first when you start your journey, few kilometers before Shimla. The valley looks all green and as far as you’ll be able to see it will be just the green cover right from the place where I am standing.Green Valley Shimla 


  • Hang Rand Valley: I noticed this spot from the Bollywood movie 3 idiots. The landscape is amazing and bridge looks stunning.Hangrang valley


  • Malling Nallah: It was the first waterfall I notice that was flowing through the narrow road, yes I freaked out but it was beautiful. Also the time we were about to cross it a herd of goats was also trying to cross it (they have got SKILLS), so we stopped here for some time and took pictures.Height: 12713 ft above the sea level.

    Malling Nala
    Malling Nallah


  • Kunjum Pass: It is a high mountain pass at a height of 15060 ft above the sea level.Also one of the important pass  as it connects Kullu valley and Lahaul valley  with Spiti Valley  and is treacherous .It has taken its name from Kunjum Mata Temple .when I crossed this pass it was june and was covered with snow which was mesmerizing.Kunjum Pass


  • Kumjum Mata Temple: Drivers and riders take blessing from the goddess before crossing the pass.Kunzum Mata Temple


  • Lanza Buddha Statue: This is the favorite spot for riders, I must say. I have seen so many pictures of this place from all the angles….crazy right? The place is so stupendous that you have to do the crazy. Don’t miss it.Lanza , Spiti valley


  • Komic Village: As written on the board highest village in the world. Get a picture clicked here without fail.Komic village , Kaza


  • Nako Valley: Never seen mountains surrounding me like this from all the sides with wind blowing and a road leading to unknown ( though I know to Nako). This is my favorite pic and can sit here for hours.

    Road that leads to Nako…


  • Spiti Valley: Spiti is a cold desert and looks like a beautiful painting.

    Spiti Valley
    Spiti Valley


  • Tabo Monastery Old: It looks like old world. You will not believe your eyes the moment you will enter the premises and take a round around the monastery.2017-06-06-06-10-26-746


  • Tabo Monastery New: The Monastery speaks for itself. Try not taking a picture.Tabo Monastery


  • Pictures with goats on the way: Just don’t miss it as you will remember this always. During the trip you will bump into them many times.2017-06-07-13-12-44-690


Good luck with making memories….

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