5 Must see in Pondicherry


WHITE TOWN: White town or the French heritage town is located adjacent to the rock beach.The town has beautiful French architecture buildings in pale colors like white, yellow and grey, which make it stand out from rest of the towns in India. The hushed lanes will allure you for some day walks around the city. Cycle tours are also available.

PROMENADE BEACH:Promenade beach or the rock beach. Though there are many beaches in Pondicherry but my favorite is the rock beach. Best for morning walks, endless time u can spend here, looks breathtakingly beautiful at any point of the day. The best part is the cafes and ice cream outlets by the seaside. (What else can one ask for) also there is a Gandhi statue and old lighthouse near the beach.

MATRI MANDIR : Matri Mandir (Auroville)….It is a place for silent concentration and meditation…. To go inside the inner chamber you need to book the tickets in advance from the visitor’s centre. You will be awe- struck by the experience.Also there is a banyan tree, the aerial roots that have grown into new trunks reminds me of “Tree of Souls” from the movie AVATAR. You cannot miss on this.

Matri Mandir at Auroville

MANAKULA VINAYAGAR TEMPLE: Manakula Vinayagar Temple …it is a beautiful temple in white town.The temple is dedicated to the worship of lord Ganesha. Outside the temple your will be dazed to see elephant Lakshmi at the entrance, she bestows her blessings on devotees in return of offerings in form of fruit and grass.

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CATHEDRAL:The 300 hundred years old church is a beautiful and peaceful place. The interiors are simply amazing.

2018-05-31-18-37-54-310 (1)
Immaculate conception cathedral Pondicherry

Hope you don’t miss out on the above on your trip to Pondicherry.

Bye for now..

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