Hidden Gems near Mandi , Himachal Pradesh : Secret Cave of Lotus Lake & Prashar Lake


Tso Pema ( Lotus Lake) Cave

Route: Chandigarh- Barotiwal-Nalagarh-Swarghat- Bilaspur-Sundernagar –dadour –Patha- Rewalsar.

Time: Almost six hours , if you start early.

The cave is 9.4 kms from Rewalsar lake .

Nunnery near Mandi

Riwalsar is a famous lake near Mandi and attracts lots of Tourists. This Spectacular statue of Swami Padmasambhava also known as Guru Rinpoche pushed me to come here, however I could not visit the lake but managed to have a look at the statute from a distance and take this picture.


We came across the cave when we were going to Naina Devi Temple ( Mandi).Instead of visiting the lake , we ended up in the cave. It is said to be one of the secret caves , where Guru Rinpoche ( Padmasambhava ) use to teach tantra to Princess Mandarava daughter of King of Zahor.  below is the Statue of Guru Rinpoche inside the cave .



Now it is turned into a Nunnery, which is a home for more than 50 nuns. Holy Flames at Nunnery.


Prashar Lake:

Route: Chandigarh- Barotiwal-Nalagarh-Swarghat- Bilaspur-Sundernagar –dadour –Gutkar –Mandi bus Stand.

59.3  kms fromMandi bus stand.

Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes from Mandi Bus Stand.

Prashar lake


Prasher Lake

The  lake is located a height of 2730m above the sea level. This is the view of lake in March but during the month of june & july it is green and in jan & feb its white.

I believe nature has different charm in different seasons, if you agree comment below.

The eye-catching lake is held sacred to sage Prashar . There is around floating island inside the lake which is said to be revolving in all the direction inside the lake.


There is also a 3 tiered pagoda temple which is dedicated to sage Prashar which has beautiful wooden carvings.


Hop on for a mind –boggling experience at weekends.

Bye for now…


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