Pichavaram Mangroves: Thrilling experience


Pichavaram Mangroves are the world 2nd largest mangroves . It lies near to Chidambram in Tamil Nadu.


Two and half hour drive from Pondicherry will get you to this spooky Amazon type experience in India.

Boats at Pichavaram Mangroves

This year in April I visited Puducherry , though it was not a part of plan but had to agree that I am really good at making spontaneous decisions and we pounced into spine tingling floating forest.


The boatsman told us that these Mangroves acted as Tsunami shield saving small hemlets near shore …when in 2004 the deadliest Tsunami had its impact on the Indian Shore. 

IMG-20180530-WA0079 (1)

Distance from Puducherry: 76.8 km via NH32

Timings: 8 am to 5:30 pm. 

Tips: 1) prefer row boat instead of motor boat if you want to go deep into the forest.

         2) Try to visit at morning time, as weather is nice.

         3) Keep Environment clean…


Bye for now…..

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